Artificial Lawns

Artificial Lawns

Artificial turf is known for being extremely low maintenance, maintaining a picturesque look all year round and also perfectly safe for your pets and children. Monkhouse Sport & Play Solutions installs a wide variety of artificial turf grasses, coming in different thicknesses and lengths and can be made to suit any residential area, no matter how big or small.

Synthetic grass and your little ones

In summer, natural grass surfaces can become dry, dusty, hard, and extremely unforgiving. Artificial grass is a softer, allergy-free alternative, that keeps your little ones safe during playtime.


Our synthetic grass surfaces are cushioned, to help reduce cuts and grazes, and is a long life alternative to natural turf, that requires minimum upkeep.

Landscaping and Synthetic Turf

We install synthetic turf for landscaped areas including garden areas, poolside areas, and even backyard putting greens.


Our range of turfs and grasses vary in length and thickness to suit any area, and are also resistant to damage from regular use.

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